Specification Documents

There is no fixed format or central location for BRFC documents. They may be authored as markdown documents and hosted in a GitHub repository, published to a corporate website, embedded into the Bitcoin SV blockchain, shared on a mailing list, or distributed by any other means deemed appropriate by the author(s).

It is however recommended that at a minimum, the following metadata be included somewhere in the document:

titlerequiredProposal title
authorFree-form, could include a name, alias, paymail address, GitHub/social media handle, etc.
versionNo set format; could be a sequence number, publication date, or any other scheme
supersedesA BRFC ID (or list of IDs) that this document supersedes

For markdown files, it is recommended that these fields are embedded as YAML front-matter.

It is not recommended that version fields follow semver. With semver's <major>.<minor>.<patch> format, it is expected that only an increment to the <major> element indicates a breaking change. An increment of the <minor> field indicates that additional functionality is available but that it will not break existing clients.

This is at odds with the binary nature of implementing a specification; either the specification is supported or it is not. The preferred methods of adding new features to a specification are:

  • Introduce a new extension specification describing the additional functionality
  • Update the specification and include the old BRFC ID in the supersedes field

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